Tennis Betting

Your guide to betting on Tennis online

Tennis is one of the few major sports that is not centralised in any one specific location. The game has professionals from every corner of the globe, whether it be the United States or Uzbekistan. As online gambling has grown, so too has Tennis betting.

While not necessarily as popular as Football or Basketball in terms of betting throughout the year, Tennis hosts four Major championships that are huge drawcards for online betting fans.

The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open are the top four competitions in the sport of tennis. With each event, the number of bettors skyrockets in comparison to regular APT and WTA tour competitions. Online bookmakers like Pinnacle and Paddy Power have tennis sections dedicated entirely to each Major, as most bookies do.

But just because the Majors are the most prestigious solo titles a player can earn, that doesn't mean that there are no other popular Tennis tournaments throughout the year.

The Davis Cup is undoubtedly the biggest international tennis event on the yearly calendar. With players representing their countries – rather than just themselves – nations square off against one another in a best-of-five series. The tiered system allows a number of countries that are unrepresented in major tournaments to take part, and creates an entirely new betting platform for tennis punters.

Money Line Betting

Tennis betting is uncomplicated, and quite similar to other sports, such as Football, in that Money Line Betting is the most popular form. Simply put, you make a wager on which player you believe will win the match. Sometimes there will be extra bets that include who will win the first set, how many sets will be played, etc. but for the following example we will simply be using the standard format.

Roger Federer: -500
Andy Murray: +820

In this situation, Roger Federer is the clear favourite to win the match, sitting on odds of -500. An interesting point to mention is that there are no home/away advantages in the majority of tennis fixtures. While Lleyton Hewitt may be playing on home turf at the Australian Open, the rest of the players in the tournament have no such "advantage", no matter who they play or on which court they compete.

With Federer favourite to win, you would need to put down $500 in order to win back $100. If successful, you will collect your initial wager as well as the $100 in winnings.

If you decide instead to make a bet on the underdog, Andy Murray, you could potentially win $820 from a $100 bet. If Murray manages to cause the upset, you will come out of the wager with $920 total.

Spread Betting

Similar to Handicap Betting in the Tennis world, spreads are usually offered by online bookmakers on the biggest events.

Roger Federer: -1.5 - 150
Andy Murray: +1.5 +200

So, if you made a wager on Roger Federer to win, and he did so by either 3 sets to 1 or 3 sets to 0, you would earn a payout on the Spread bet. However, any other outcome would result in a loss.

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