Ice Hockey Betting

Your guide to betting on Ice Hockey online

Ice Hockey is another sport that is played across several countries, and it is quickly growing in popularity amongst the online gambling community. Only recently, Ice Hockey managed to crack the American market as one of the top four major North American sports, joining the likes of American Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

Online bookmakers have recognised this sharp rise in popularity, and have accommodated the burgeoning market by creating a large number of odds and lines for every single NHL match. In addition, online bookmakers that cater to North American online gambling fans, such as Bodog and BetUS, provide a range of different competitions to bet on.

While the NHL is obviously the largest and most popular league for Ice Hockey betting, NCAA Ice Hockey also manages a big pull factor to the sport's fans. Both the NHL and College Hockey make up the biggest portion of Ice Hockey bets, but North America isn't the only continent that loves the wintry sport.

A number of countries in Europe house a massive Ice Hockey following: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia, just to name a few, and even England has their very own Elite Ice Hockey League. All the best online bookmakers, like Betsson and Expekt, have Ice Hockey sections dedicated entirely to the European leagues.

In terms of big betting events in the sport, there is no bigger place to be than the NHL Stanley Cup. The best-of-seven series is an incredibly popular event throughout the United States and Canada, and determines the ultimate champion for each respective season. Wagers from all over the world come in during the lead up to the finals, and it is doubtless one of the most, if not the most, popular Ice Hockey events to bet on.

There are a number of different bets involved with Ice Hockey, in addition to the countless proposition bets that online bookmakers offer. However, there are two distinct Ice Hockey bets that are the most common, and you will be able to find them no matter where you are making a wager.

Money Line Betting

Money Line Betting in Ice Hockey is identical to other sports, in that you can place a stake on which team is going to win the fixture. At some online bookies, they will offer a different type of bet that allows you to make a wager on the game being drawn at the end of regulation time. Here's an example of a standard NHL Money Line Bet:

Colorado Avalanche: -230
Vancouver Canucks: +245

Colorado is home favourite here, and for you to win $100, you would have to wager $230; if the Avalanche won, you would then collect your initial $230 plus $100 in winnings.

If instead you chose to place a stake on the underdog, betting $100 would earn you $245 if they ended up winning, in addition to your original wager.

Puck Line Betting

Puck Line Betting is the second most common form of wagering in Ice Hockey. It incorporates the Money Line and is commonly referred to as the spread.

Colorado Avalanche: -1.5 +142
Vancouver Canucks: +1.5 -154

As you can see, the Puck Line alters the odds because Colorado are now spotted 1 ½ goals. This means that if you made a wager on Vancouver and they lost, you could still claim a payout if the deficit was only a single goal; this is because the Canucks would still be still within the spread. However, if you bet on Colorado to win, they would need to win by at least two goals for you to earn a payout.

American odds have been used in this description, but the majority of online bookmakers will provide the option of converting all lines to Decimal or European formats as well. If you would like to know more about how different odds work, check out our Odds Explained article.

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