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Your guide to betting on Golf online

While perhaps not identified as the most popular sport in the world, Golf has a global appeal that sports like American Football and Ice Hockey simply cannot attain. With a rich history and a number of recognizable professionals, Golf has managed to become a popular and relaxing pastime for amateurs and veterans alike.

No matter where you look for online gambling options, you will always find a diverse range of sports to make a punt on. Golf is no different. In fact, it is fast becoming one of the most popular wagers during its annual PGA Tour season.

A lot of the thanks should go to a man by the name of Tiger Woods. He has managed to take a sport that is arguably not the most riveting to watch, and turned it into an extremely fashionable event that people all over the world tune in to watch throughout the year.

Because of Golf's presence in every corner of the world, you can place wagers on upcoming tournaments at every reputable online bookmaker. Whether you are from the United States (Bodog, BetUS), the UK (Bet365, Paddy Power), Australia (IASBet, SportsBet) or Europe (Pinnacle, PartyBets) there will always been a range of Golf bets on offer during the season.

There are quite a number of betting options made available to Golf punters, including some you may never have encountered in your time with other sports bets. While they are all quite easy to understand, if you plan on doing some Golf betting in the near future then the following explanations will save you a lot of time.

Odds to Win

The standard wager across every online bookmaker, Odds To Win bets are basically what you have come to expect from Money Line Bets. However, unlike team sports or one-on-one competitions, such as Tennis, the sport of Golf doesn't pit players against specific opponents. Odds To Win bets allow the bettor to pick who they believe will win the tournament. In addition, the online bookmaker will also offer a "Field" bet, which encompasses every Golfer not already attributed odds to win.

To Win US Open
Tiger Woods: +300
Phil Mickelson: +500
Ernie Els: +1200
Lee Westwood: +1500
Padraig Harrington: +1500
Field: +1500

As you can see, the Field bet is quite lucrative; this is because most top Golfers have already been delegated odds to win. While it is sometimes the case that an unknown blazes through a tournament and ultimately wins the title (such as Rory McIlroy in May 2010), online bookmakers are more confident that someone like Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson will be the most likely to claim the trophy.

Golf Matchups

You will find that Golf Matchup odds are just as prominent at online bookmakers as Odds To Win, however they are distinctly different from any other type of Golf bet you have come across so far. Group Matchup Betting is also available at certain bookies, however not as popular as standard Matchups.

What online bookmakers will do is match two golfers together, and then place odds on who is more likely to finish in a higher position than the other. For example:

Tiger Woods: +110
Phil Mickelson: +150

In this scenario, Tiger Woods is expected to finish above Phil Mickelson at the end of the tournament. Mickelson is the slight underdog in this Matchup, but he may also be teamed with another, lower-ranked player in another Golf Matchup.

If you place a wager on Tiger Woods in this Matchup, you will win a payout as long as he finishes above Mickelson at the end of the tourney.


Futures are popular wagers in every sport. When big events are several weeks, months, or even years away (as is the case with Futures on national elections), online bookmakers will create Futures for punters to have a bet on.

In Golf, these Futures may consist of any number of things. Some allow you to pick who will win the next tournament, while others incorporate entire Tours, such as the following:

Total Majors that Tiger Woods will win this season
0 Majors: -140
1 Major: +180
2 Majors: +500
3 Majors: +2000
4 Majors: +10000

A bet like this will run for the entirety of the season, and the odds will often fluctuate - and sometimes even disappear - at the completion of each Major, especially if Woods manages to win.

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