Basketball Betting

Your guide to betting on Basketball online

Similar to American Football and Ice Hockey, Basketball is a sport that has a massive following in the United States. While the game is of course popular around the world, both the NBA and NCAA Basketball have allowed the USA to be the biggest drawcard for aspiring players.

Online Basketball betting follows in a very similar pattern. Europe has a wide selection of national leagues and megastars, but punters still prefer to make a tip on the biggest league in the world: the NBA.

The NBA is home to the biggest names in Basketball, and is therefore the league that most online gambling fans want to make a wager on. Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, Orlando Magic; these are all franchises known around the world, and online sportsbooks have recognised their popularity. With teams and stars lining the NBA roster, it's no wonder Basketball is such a popular attraction at online bookmakers.

NCAA Basketball, while not as popular as the NBA, still draws plenty of bets during the season. Bookies such as BetUS and offer odds on every game throughout the year, with in particular providing plenty of extra lines in addition to standard Money Line Bets.

While most US sportsbooks concentrate solely on the American Basketball market, a number of international bookies - specifically UK-based - list regular odds on the European and International leagues. Ladbrokes provides NBA and NCAA lines, but also has odds on the Czech NBL, Euroleague, and Adriatic League.

Similarly, international competitions like the Olympics and the FIBA World Championships are widely advertised at bookies, such as Bet365 and BetUS.

Points Spread Betting

Points Spread Betting is an extremely popular bet in the United States. For those familiar with American Football betting, you will already understand the finer details of Points Spread Betting.

Also known as the "line" or "spread", online bookmakers decide the line by estimating what the score difference will be at the end of the game.

If the Points Spread for a Bulls vs. Magic game in Chicago is set at -9.5 for the Bulls to win, then the line for the Magic will usually be +9.5 This means that the bookie predicts the Bulls will win by around 10 points.

If you make a wager on the Bulls winning at home, then they must end the game with a victory margin of at least 10 points in order for you to earn a payout. If you instead bet on the Magic's spread of +9.5, then they need to get within 9 points or less of a victorious Bulls outfit to win. So even if Orlando lose, you still win.

Money Line Betting

Money Line Betting is another popular wagering type amongst Basketball fans. It is the standard bet for sports like Football and Tennis and will often be the first bet you will find at an online bookmaker.

Let's take the following example, for instance. We will be using American odds, but both Decimal and European formats will be available no where you choose to make a bet.

Chicago Bulls: -250
Orlando Magic: +340

If you understand Money Line Betting from any other sport, it works in exactly the same fashion for Basketball. The Bulls are home favourites to win the match at -250 odds, which means that for you to win back $100, you would have to risk $250. If the Bulls won, then you would collect your initial stake as well as the $100 payout.

Conversely, for you to earn winnings with a bet on the Magic, you would be paid out $340 for every $100 wagered. So, if you bet $200 on Orlando to cause an upset, and they did, you would collect $680 in winnings plus your original $200 stake.

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