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Your guide to betting on Baseball online

Still regarded as the great American pastime, Baseball is a sport that will always be at home in the United States. While other countries, such as Japan, have a similarly massive following, it is the United States MLB that has become the ultimate venue for high quality Baseball. Everyone knows who the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are, even if they've never been to a Baseball game in their lives. And with such a prestigious sport, you can only expect to find equal popularity in the online betting community.

All the top online bookmakers around the world will offer Baseball odds throughout the regular season and playoffs. However, if you are looking for the biggest range of Baseball betting options, then bookies that are dedicated to the sport, such as BetUS and, are your best choices.

BetUS is one particular online bookmaker that provides a wealth of Baseball odds, as well as unique promotions to take part in. For example, throughout the regular season the bookie offers an MLB Sunday Night Contest and BettorUp! promotion - both of which offer huge prizes and cash payouts.

Betting on Baseball matches is not too different from a number of other popular sports. You have the standard Money Line bets and Futures, but there are also a few variables to take into the equation.

Pitchers and Run Lines

When online bookmakers create the odds for a Baseball match, they take into account the announced or expected pitchers. When one or both team's pitchers are changed (either prior to or during the match), the Money Line may very well shift to accommodate those substitutions. The inclusion of Live Betting at most online gambling facilities has made swift Money Line changes much more accessible for bettors that are following the game.

Another factor that isn't seen in most other sports is the Run Line. The Run Line is employed when one team is heavily favoured to win the match. Depending on the expected winning margin, a number of runs will be subtracted from the score of the favoured team. For fans of Football, you will recognise the similarities between a Run Line and a Point Spread.

Money Line

Considered the norm in the majority of sports betting events, the Money Line is far and away the easiest Baseball bet to understand, and the most popular amongst online bookmakers. For novices, learning the wide variety of sports betting options can occasionally be time-consuming and difficult, which is why the Money Line is so simple and well regarded across most bookies.

Here's an example of what you can expect to find when looking for a Baseball bet:

New York Yankees: -140
Boston Red Sox: +120

In this instance you can see that the New York Yankees are home favourites to win because their Money Line is negative. If you were to tip that the Yankees would indeed win this match, then you would have to wager $140 in order to earn a payout of $100. If correct, you would collect $240 made up of your initial stake and profit.

Conversely, if you felt that the Boston Red Sox were in line to get one over on the Yankees, then a wager of $100 could potentially earn you a $120 profit. If the underdogs ended up winning, your payout would be a total of $220. If you are looking for the best place to make Baseball bets, be sure to check out our list of US Online Bookmakers, and if you would like to know more about other forms of sports betting, take a look at our comprehensive online betting guides on a range of different sports.

2013 MLB Schedule

It has begun! Get ready for a great MLB season

The 2013 MLB Schedule has kicked off, and man are we all in for a great season. With awesome game previews done by, you can check out the latest MLB betting statistics, 2013 MLB schedule and much more here.

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