American Football Betting

Your guide to betting on American Football online

American football is one of the most popular sports to make a wager on across North America. Whether it's the NFL or NCAA Football, American online bookmakers love the football season in the United States.

College football certainly draws a number of wagers throughout the season, typically from North Americans, but the biggest money can always be found on NFL bets. Despite being a league that is centralised in North America, the NFL draws bettors from all over the world, especially for their largest events.

For college football, there are a number of different Bowls played throughout the season that receive massive betting coverage, such as the Rose Bowl. However, the most popular online gambling event in American football is the NFL Super Bowl.

BetUS is one of the biggest online bookmakers in the United States. As such, their coverage of the Super Bowl is extremely important every season. Similarly, offers a wide number of different bets for the Super Bowl, with everything from "Who will score the first touchdown?" to "Who will win the first half?"

Different types of American Football bets

American Football has various betting types and, depending on which online bookmaker you choose to make a wager at, you will have a range of different betting options at your disposal.

NFL is obviously the most popular American Football league, and therefore receives the most wagers. Points spread betting is the prevalent betting form in NFL matches, and can also be referred to as the "line" or "spread".

Online bookmakers may choose to follow other sources when finalizing their lines, or, as is the case at, create their own lines from scratch.

As an example of a points spread on an NFL fixture, let's say that the Dolphins are set to take on the Raiders. In this match, the Dolphins are favourites with a points spread set at -7; this means that the Dolphins are home favourites to win by a converted touchdown. If you make a wager on the -7 point spread, the Dolphins need to win by more than 7 points in order for you to win a payout. If the Dolphins win by 7 points exactly, then the result is a push and your wager will be returned.

Conversely, the Raiders would most likely be listed at +7, which means that for you to win the bet, the away side must get to within 6 points or less of the Jets. Once again, if they end up being exactly 7 points behind at the final whistle, your bet will be pushed.

Money line betting is another exciting form of American Football betting, and is extremely easy to follow. Quite simply, you make a wager on who will win the game - with the score having no bearing on your wager's outcome. Let's say that the following odds for the game are correct:

Dolphins: -400 | 1.25 | 1/4
Raiders: +900 | 10 | 9/1

All three odds formats are shown above (American, Decimal, and European), and they will appear in one of these three styles depending on where you choose to bet. They all mean the same thing, however; so, if you wagered $100 on the Raiders to win, and they managed to pull off a massive upset, then you would earn a payout of $900 plus your original stake.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of how different regional odds work, you can research them at our "The Odds Explained" article. Otherwise, you can head over to some of the best online bookmakers for American Football today, and start making some exciting wagers.

2012 NFL Schedule

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