Greyhound Racing Betting

Your guide to betting on Greyhound Racing online

While not as prominent as Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing has already built itself into a popular attraction for fans and punters alike. The sport is a key factor in the popularity of betting in places such as the UK, Australia, Ireland, and parts of the United States, and is continuing to grow through the success of online bookmakers.

Greyhound betting is obviously more prominent in the aforementioned countries, but that isn't to say that punters in other parts of the world can't bet on daily races. Online bookmakers such as IASBet and Bet365 have made Greyhound Racing a large part of their sportsbooks, and therefore allow bettors from all over the world to follow and make a punt on any of the day's races.

The great thing about places like IASBet is that they specialize in all forms of racing sports, including Horse Racing and Harness Racing amongst other things. In addition, the online bookmakers have separate sections for events in different countries; so whether you are in England, Australia, or the middle of Europe, you can always find exactly what you are looking for at the touch of a button.

There are a number of different Greyhound Racing bets available, depending on where you choose to make a wager. While online bookmakers that focus on racing specifically will doubtless have more options, you will still be able to find the most popular types of bets at any bookie that provides racing odds.

As you might have suspected, Paramutuel Betting and Fixed Odds Betting, like Horse Racing, are both the most popular types of bets for Greyhound Racing. For anyone who has been to the track or is an experienced online horse racing bettor, then you will already understand how these types of wagers work.

For a detailed explanation of these two types of bets, simply click here.

Greyhound Betting Types

Once again similar to Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing has a number of distinct betting types to take advantage of at online bookmakers.

Straight away you will recognize the Win, Place, and Show (First, Second, and Third), as well as Across The Board, which is the process of betting on a specific greyhound to Win, Place, and Show, with the prospect of earning a payout on each one. Quinella (or Reverse Forecast) is a bet where the punter tips the first two dogs to cross the line in any order. Similarly, a Perfecta (or Straight Forecast) is a wager of selecting the first two dogs to cross the line in the correct order. Trifecta (first three dogs in the exact order) and Superfecta (first four dogs in the exact order) are other bets that are available online, and offer even more lucrative payouts than their counterparts.

Less popular wagers, but still prominent amongst the majority of online bookmakers include Pick 3: the process of selecting the winners of three consecutive races; Pick 6: picking the winners of six consecutive races; and the Daily Double. If you are searching for the perfect place to make a wager on Greyhound Racing, take a look at our list of top online bookmakers for your region in order to find the most suitable venue for your betting needs.

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