What Do Online Bookmakers Do With Winning Players?

Some insight into common Online Bookmaker policy

There is nothing better than winning at an online bookmaker; picking the winner and earning your payout is an exciting activity enjoying by countless people throughout the world. The majority of winning players will simply collect their profits and draw no attention from the bookmakers. Online bookmakers make profits after collecting losses and paying out winners, so the casual bettor will have no trouble collecting their winnings. Professional bettors, on the other hand, make an effort to beat the house rather than simply pick the correct team or horse. That is why bookmakers often handle professional bettors in a different – albeit elegant – manner.

Why do online bookmakers treat professional winners differently?

Online bookmakers are created not just for entertainment purposes, but also to make a profit. While the casual bettor will likely win no more than a few thousand dollars from any one wager, professional bettors make it a habit to continually beat the bookmaker, thereby creating a loss for the site. These professional bettors understand how to take advantage of bonuses and promotions in intricate detail, and use that knowledge to beat the house consistently. Businesses in any other sector wouldn't continue to serve customers that cause them to face a loss, but bookmakers are able to allow professional bettors to remain as customers, while at the same time making things fair.

What do online bookmakers do to avoid the risk of professional winners?

When online bookmakers recognize professional bettors, they often handle the situation so that their losses are minimized. Because professional players utilize bonuses and excessive limits to their advantage, online bookmakers will restrict the use of bonuses, and limit the betting maximum to a lower number. This allows the professional players to still enjoy betting without taking advantage of the bonus system.

How do I avoid restrictions?

The best way to avoid restrictions is to select the right online bookmaker for you. There is such a wide variety of bookmakers out there that it should come as no surprise to discover that certain sites cater to specific players. Most online bookmakers are made simply for casual bettors; their lines don't deviate from the norm, although some may tweak their lines to suit their style of players. Other online bookmakers create their own lines and are constantly updating them. These books welcome professional players and high limit betting, with Pinnacle Sports and Bookmaker.com two of the very best.

Knowing the difference between casual and professional bookmakers could be the difference between having your account limited or not. Casual online bookmakers offer a ton of incentives and bonuses to entice players; these bonuses will help get you started with extra cash, and there may even be unique promotions running within your preferred sports. Casual online bookmakers don't regularly update their lines however, which, if professional players take advantage of them, could be the very reason why their accounts become limited. If you are simply looking for a bit of fun wagering on your favourite team or horses, then casual online bookmakers are for you.

On the other hand, if you are keen on professional online gambling, then a pro online bookmaker like Pinnacle Sports is ideal. While they may not offer constant bonuses and promotions, they will set their own lines for each event and update them on a regular basis. The bookmaker's profit at professional sites is often much lower than that of a casual online bookmaker, which allows pro players to enjoy a decent profit margin without the need to take advantage of generous bonuses, etc.

What happens if an online bookmaker limits my betting maximum when I'm not a professional player?

There are several factors that could contribute to an online bookmaker assuming that you are a professional player. First of all, you could have increased your betting sizes and starting on a winning streak. Another possibility could be that you signed up for several bonuses and then won big on some massive wagers. Or you could just be a lot better than you suspect! Whatever the case, online bookmakers will only associate you with professional playing when they believe that you are making wagers like a risky player.

If your online bookmaker has permanently changed your betting options, there are plenty of things that you can do to continue betting. First of all, if you think you are ready to step it up a gear, you can move onto a professional online bookmaker. If it was just a lucky streak that lasted longer than you expected, then why not move on to another online bookmaker and enjoy all the new member and welcome bonuses on offer. OnlineBookmakers recommends only the best in online gambling options, so take a look at our bookmaker reviews for information on some of the finest online bookmakers around.

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